We help maintaining health, youth and physical activity for a fulfilling life

Ärlisätt is an international scientific and technological company conducting research and implementing unique technologies for improving quality of life and increasing longevity. Our goal is making fulfilling life and active longevity accessible to the largest possible number of people.


Ärlisätt's developments are the result of many years of international cooperation in the field of research and technological solutions. Our work is based on scrupulous research activities, and collaboration of specialists in various fields of science, medicine and biotechnology, from fundamental immunology and cell biophysics to mathematical modeling.

One of the key achievements of the work of our scientists was the discovery of a unique natural complex Alacricell, which includes a unique combination of squalene homologues and higher fatty acids. 


Our main research center is based in Sweden. Our team consists of scientists and specialists from five countries.


Our scientific discoveries are baseing not only on experimental data, but also on the modern technologies and the results of computer modeling.

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Our research results are applied in various fields:

Human health

Alacricell helps with acute conditions, prevents chronic diseases and strengthens the immune system. The properties of Alacricell are already used in all of Ärlisätt's health products.


This is highly innovative scientific and technological area where the results of our research and development can applied. Alacricell has significant potential in this area.


Our research has shown Alacricell effectiveness on many animal species. We are working on products that improve the quality of life and prolong the active longevity of animals.


Currently, we are paying great attention to researching the influence of the Alacricell complex on plant development. This direction of research shows great promise.


Today, it is increasingly important to extend the life and increase the efficiency of cell cultures used in various biotechnologies. The Alacricell complex has demonstrated great potential in this area.


Utilization of a pronounced positive effect of Alacricell on various tissues is a very promising area of application. This opens up many possibilities for its use in cosmetic products, including for healing and rejuvenating the skin.


We are confidently moving into the future, reflecting the needs of modern mankind, and relying on the depth of expertise and our own scientific developments.

Ärlisätt is one of the fastest growing bio-innovation companies in the world, shaping a new era in the search for and use of natural biologically active substances for the prevention and treatment of human and animal diseases, combating aging, and improving the efficiency of critical biotechnologies.

The joint work of our company and leading world experts is aimed at stimulating innovation, assessing and introducing new technologies in the field of research and application of renewable natural sources of bioactive substances.

Based on many years of experience and the deep expertise of our scientific teams, we are constantly working to utilize the unique potential of substances given to us by nature in order to increase longevity and improve quality of life.